What a student should read

Initiation literature for master and PhD students.


A sense of history:

First Nature article ever by Goethe (1869)

The 3 nature papers on DNA structure published in 1953: The Watson-Crick paper is one of the best written manuscripts I have ever read. Please read the delicate three lines on p. 558 by Watson & Crick starting with ("It has not escaped our notice.....", rarely has ONE sentence hidden so much depth and comprehension).



How to become a scientist by Pr. Yewdell: First, Second

Microbiota terminology by Pr. Ravel.

Microbiota in numbers by Dr. Sender: Sender et al. PLoS Biology 2016

Immunity - self versus non-self to the danger model: Matzinger et al. Scand J Immunology 2003

B cell immunology at the extremes of age: Blanco et al. JACI 2018


Shortest articles and thesis ever


Specific litterature for Immunity & Microbiota Ecology:

IgA regulatory mechanisms: Bunker et al. Immunity 2018 Review

    Immune exclusion: Moor et al. Nature 2017

    Immune inclusion: Donaldson et al. Science 2018

IgA immunity to microbes:

    IgA binds colitogenic bacteria: Palm et al. Cell 2014

    IgA bindings associated with infant malnutrition: Kau et al. STM 2015

    IgA binds preferentially Small Intestine microbes: Bunker et al. Immunity 2015

    IgA regulates microbiota ecology: Fadlallah et al. STM 2018

    Microbial superantigens target immunoglobulin Fab region (C. comes, R. gnavus): Bunker et al. STM 2019


IgG immunity to microbes:

    Seric IgG binds microbiota (flow cytometry): Slack et al. Science 2009

    Seric IgG microbial specificity converge with gut IgA: Fadlallah et al. JACI 2019

    Seric IgG responses to fungi: Moreno-Sabater et al. Microbiome 2020

Bacterial degradation of secretory component: Moon et al. Nature 2015

Immune memory and persistance (long-term effect of early-life exposure): Vergani et al. Immunity 2022 and Ramanan et al. Immunity 2020

Technical/experimental limitations in microbiota research:

    Minimum 107 microbes for robust WGS (solid): Plaza-Onate et al. BMC Genomics 2015

    Minimum 106 microbes for robust 16S rRNA gene analysis: VILLETTE et al. Sci Rep 2021

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